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Face the Facts: Pay the Tax!

California's Youth are Coming to Collect

Join hundreds of youth and community advocates from around the state on Tax Day (April 15, 2020) as we rally to tell Big Corporate they need to pay their fair share! Hosted by 99 Rootz, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Californians for Justice and Resilience Orange County, this is action is in support of the historic Schools and Communities First campaign in 2020.


Whether you're a newcomer, transplant or have already deep roots in California, we all deserve to access to healthy schools and thriving communities. As residents, we're proud to be part of the world's 5th largest economy, but the reality for too many Californians is far from a golden dream. Our schools are underfunded, our communities lack adequate resources and investment is scarce. But this is the year that all changes.

Residents across the state are rallying in support of the historic Schools and Communities First initiative, which will bring resources back to our classrooms, investment in our neighborhoods and money to community programs that are the lifeblood of our society. All of this is possible when we tell big corporations to face the facts and pay their fair share of taxes.

Join the Fight for Racial and Educational Justice!
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