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Student Voice Campaign

Making It Work: Student Leaders Speak Up at EdSource Symposium

October 21, 2016

EdSource held its annual symposium on education policy at the Oakland Convention Center. This year’s symposium, “Making It Work: Implementing California’s New Vision for School Success”, brought together dedicated educators & leaders in education to discuss the implications of the new systems our State of Board of Education adopted. Amongst those in attendance were CFJ…

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What Can Students Do When Given a Voice in Their Schools?

October 15, 2015

Two years ago, California for Justice student leaders fought to have their voices to be heard in the passage of the Local Control Funding Formula – driving more resources to students with the most needs. Since then, students have continued to flex their power in making sure the state and their school districts listen to…

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Calling on our schools to VALUE all students

October 15, 2015

Californians for Justice launched the Student Voice Campaign in 2014 with one goal – for student voices to be heard, valued, and reflected in their schools. Our recent wins– from equitable school funding to more fair discipline policies have created an opportunity for great change in our schools. But before we can close the opportunity…

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Californians for Justice Wins Student Advisory Committees

June 23, 2015

Student leaders have achieved an incredible feat in the last year. In four districts across the state, students have fought for, and won the creation of student led budget decision-making bodies within their districts. In some regions, students are breaking ground in the state, piloting projects California schools have never tried. In Long Beach, Oakland,…

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