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Spencer Lara

Capacity Building Associate

Spencer currently works to build the capacity of our Long Beach Unified School District professional learning network high schools and provide support to the students on those design teams, as well as develop their leadership. Since joining Californians For Justice in 2016 they’ve held multiple positions— as a statewide strategy intern Spencer worked with a team to move forward the Relationship Centered Schools campaign. From 2019 to 2021, they served on the CFJ board of directors as a student board member. During the fall of 2020, they worked as a phone banker calling voters across the state to educate them on Prop 15 and to get them out to vote.

Racial justice in education matters to them because race is something that affects Black, Indigenous, students of color in every aspect of their lives including education, where they are often taught that they won’t succeed. Schools can be violent and damaging places for oppressed students, so it’s crucial for BIPOC to create a place where they’ll be valued like they deserve. Spencer currently attends Long Beach City College, where they are pursuing a degree in sociology. Their hobbies and interests include astrology, tarot, and goth culture.

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