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Miciah Garcia

Communications Coordinator

Miciah Garcia is the Communications Coordinator for Californians for Justice. As such she helps cultivate & grow a community of activists ready to make waves. Based in the Fresno region, she has spent the last 10 years using her communication skills to uplift the communities of Small Business and Youth.  Her experience is in content creation for magazine, newspaper, social media, video, and podcasting. As a communicator, she helped small businesses build a digital presence that harness real audience engagement. As a youth volunteer, she’s worked on creating safe spaces for junior high and high school students. Miciah has also worked on high school campuses as a mentor, and in faith spaces as a curriculum leader and event coordinator.

Throughout her experience with youth Miciah realized there’s a tremendous need for support. She’s seen first hand how students from lower income backgrounds and students of color are treated as less capable. She’s passionate about the success of high school students, especially the students who face incredible hurdles in the education system.

In her free time, she is working on an album with her husband. They met while songwriting, and work to continue making music a part of their everyday life.

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