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Mauro Sifeuentes

Co-Executive Director

Mauro serves CFJ as Co-Executive Director, providing support, vision, and thought partnership for statewide strategy, regional programs, collaboratives, fundraising, and more. Mauro has worked across nonprofits, K12 public schools, colleges, and universities over the past twenty years and brings a generous insider-outsider approach to culture and systems to change. They have created and expanded nonprofit youth organizing programs to meet the hopes and dreams of the most marginalized, including queer and trans-BIPOC youth from immigrant and low-income communities. In San Francisco Unified, Mauro led district-wide efforts to address the needs of LGBTQ+ students of color through student support and internal capacity building focused on the teacher, counselor, administrator, and social worker trainings. After spending so much valuable time with community organizers and educators over the years, Mauro pursued graduate education as an opportunity to formalize intergenerational wisdom in academic research and writing. They hold an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation and an Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education. Mauro’s work has focused on racial, gender, and educational justice because for too long, powerful BIPOC, young women, queer, trans, and immigrant students have been held back from fully thriving in spaces of learning. Because all these people are part of Mauro’s given and chosen families, they insist that this brilliance be nurtured to its fullest extent in K12 public education. Outside of work, Mauro spends their time as an emerging documentary filmmaker, graphic novelist, and landscape photographer, striving to make the best use of visual storytelling as an intervention on book learning as the only route to critical questions and thinking. In addition to this, Mauro also spends time working with families in support of Indigenous two-spirit revival, healing, and visioning.

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