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Martha Orozco

Development & Events Associate

Martha is the Development & Events Associate at CFJ, Martha helps manage our grassroots fundraising efforts and run events for our statewide and regional campaigns. This will be her third official year working on staff in a nonprofit organization, she went to a private high school which enabled her to work in the nonprofit field since she was 14 years old. Her high school’s work-study program helped her get connected to Loaves & Fishes, a homeless services organization in Sacramento, first as an intern and later as a Development Associate who managed and maintained a CRM to help the organization with its abundance of heart-felt donations and records. From an early age, she has always said she wanted to help people and make a change in her community rather than work for corporate America and have things stay the way they were. The fight for racial justice in education is important because it helps communities of color advance in their future careers and have a fair and equal opportunity just as the rest of their peers. Growing up in a Mexican household she was always kept busy with sports, mainly soccer, and helping her dad fix cars so she rarely had time to sit down and watch cartoons like a normal kid. Now as an adult she loves spending her free time watching anime and drama shows.

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