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Ever Galván

People & Operations Director

Ever Galván (they/them) seeks to combat neoliberalism in social justice nonprofit organizations, manifest our most inspired visions of liberation, and advocates for the centering of Black, Indigenous, queer & trans, immigrant, femmes, sick and disabled people of color in movement spaces. For over 10 years, Ever has worked with individuals and organizations in a trauma-informed HR capacity to develop and hold space for generative conflict as the key to healing and unlearning white supremacy cultural values–creating a safe and brave space for multiple conflicting truths to exist within ourselves and our communities.

Ever has facilitated workshops and consulted for SisterSong, Take Root, The Road Home, Casa de Salud, Eve’s Garden, Just Food, among many more. While organizing with Action in Montgomery with the PICO Network, they trained in the Saul Alinsky model of organizing. Today Ever applies transformative justice models inspired by the work of Ruth Rittenhouse Morris, Mia Mingus, Sara Kershner, Mariame Kaba, Ejeris Dixon, and Adrienne Maree Brown. They practice radical accountability to racial justice, social-emotional learning, and apply their studies of emergent and liberatory strategies to all areas of their work.

Ever supports organizations’ ability to intentionally and thoughtfully navigate senior leadership transitions, decentralize power, realign practices with Black liberation values, and foster organizational cultures of multi-directional learning. Ever cultivates organizations’ ability to coregulate, orient towards interdependence and collective care, and disrupt complacency and comfort within DEI structures.

They volunteer for an organization that aims to build power in working-class communities of color in the US in their free time. They also enjoy community building on land originally stewarded by the Tongva people with their partner and two rescue dogs, Honey and Hazel. Ever lives at the intersections of being a Latine, nonbinary, trans, and immunocompromised disabled person living with chronic pain and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

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