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Equity in Action Services


Tackling Inequities. Transforming Schools.

Californians for Justice (CFJ) offers professional services and resources to support you in creating educational conditions in which all youth are expected and supported to thrive, no matter where your team is on its equity journey.

Services include:
• Workshops and Consultation
• Professional Learning Networks —Collaborative learning opportunities
• Edport — A free online portal with practical tools and resources for teachers and administrators at

Grounded in our Relationship Centered Schools (RCS) approach and informed by two decades of research and learning, our Equity in Action Services focus on multiple targets to increase understanding between educators, their students, and the wider community to advance academic progress and reduce prejudice and misconception across difference.

Professional Learning Network

CFJ’s Professional Learning Network (PLN) is tailored for educators experiencing racial equity challenges such as racialized gaps in academic outcomes or a lack of engagement from students, families, and other stakeholders. You’ll work toward the school culture you envision by identifying and implementing strategies that maximize limited time and resources. Rather than creating more work for busy teams, CFJ focuses on how to make the most of what you're already working with.

If you’re ready for transformation, contact us to determine how CFJ’s Equity in Action Services can help you move through your racial equity challenges and transform your school culture along the way. Custom consultations are also available. l 510-452-2728

Join the Fight for Racial and Educational Justice!
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