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Our Story

Californians for Justice is a statewide youth-powered organization fighting to improve the lives of communities of color, immigrant, low-income, LGBTQ and other marginalized communities.

Education Powers Generations

The educational issues of today will have lasting effects for many generations. What happens to young people in our schools can either reinforce or interrupt racial bias and inequality in our country.

Leading the Change We Need

Californians for Justice organizes marginalized youth, particularly young people of color, immigrant, low-income, and LGBTQ youth to create the healthy, just and vibrant schools all our communities deserve.

Unlocking Youth Power

When a young person joins Californians for Justice, they unlock the power of their voice and possibilities for the future. Through high school clubs and after-school programming, youth learn how to become community leaders - organizing and activating their peers to take action - and deepen their knowledge on issues like systemic racism, gender and sexuality, and education inequity.

Building a Bigger We

Youth with Californians for Justice connect to and activate other young people. One by one, two by two, three by three, young people join together to lead campaigns for social change. Every year, Californians for Justice works with hundreds of young people of color from around the state to address the most pressing issues facing their communities.

Organizing for Change

Youth leaders share their stories to change hearts and minds and lead campaigns to advocate for policy solutions that address the root causes of racial bias and inequality. From school board meetings to the ballot box and State Capitol, CFJ youth shape policies that impact their lives and generations to come after them.

Leading Together for Racial Justice

Youth leaders partner with their teachers, schools, and policy leaders to forge powerful alliances that advance a youth-centered vision for just, healthy, and vibrant schools. These alliances advance transformative changes throughout the state to create a public education system that prioritizes equity and racial justice.

Changing Schools, Changing the World

Youth leaders with Californians for Justice are paving the way for generations of young people to realize their full potential. Together, youth leaders and their partners are transforming themselves, their schools, and their communities through their leadership and tireless advocacy for justice.

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Californians for Justice is committed to elevating the voice of youth and empowering young people to create a brighter, more just future. We invite you to fight with us. Support these young leaders as they transform their communities.

Join the Fight for Racial and Educational Justice!
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