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School Funding

Youth Control $50,000 of School Budget in First-of-its-Kind Process

June 23, 2015

Angel Fernandez was one of many CFJ student leaders who led an effort in San Jose to move their district to implement an innovative democratic process that would allow students to allocate a portion of their school’s budget to where they felt it was most needed. In early 2014, students began meeting with school and…

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Royals Rise Up! Participatory Budgeting Comes to San Jose

March 4, 2015

“This is going to affect Overfelt in a positive way. I think it will inspire students to make more democratic decisions like voting in the future. Most of our youth of color vote at low rates, and this will inspire them to see how it benefits themselves and the nation.” – Brisa Rojas, Overfelt High Student, PB Steering…

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Students Challenge the CA State Board of Education for a Voice, and Win!

November 17, 2014

WE DID IT! After just 7 months, the State Board of Education has officially approved all of the demands of the Student Voice Campaign! After a year of intense deliberation among lawmakers, education advocates, unions, parents, and students, the State Board of Education unanimously voted in the permanent Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) regulations. The regulations…

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CFJ Youth Leaders Demand More Accountability in California’s New Funding Formula

August 7, 2014

On January 16th, 2014 over 300 administrators, parents, and students attended the State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento to weigh in on the emergency regulations proposed for the Local Control Funding Formula – a new way of funding schools intended to provide more support to students with the most needs. CFJ staff and youth…

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Implement Funding Formula That Helps Me Become Successful

August 7, 2014

by Cindy Andrade It might be hard to imagine what it’s like for Oakland students if you’ve never been through our schools. I have friends who have dropped out, or are thinking about dropping out, because Oakland Unified, the district I attend, doesn’t have enough money to provide sufficient resources in order for us to…

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La voz del estudiante importa, y el momento es ahora!

June 18, 2014

We are right in the middle of our 7-month campaign to ensure that students’ voices are heard, valued, and reflected in the district’s accountability and funding plans. CFJ and the Student Voice Coalition have asked the State Board of Education to define the student’s consultation by creating a formal process, giving the districts a menu…

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