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School Funding

Let’s Talk About School Choice

May 16, 2017

Before Betsy DeVos assumed the role as the Secretary of Education in a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence, she called “public education a ‘dead end.’” A month later, in her first speech to urban school district leaders, she declared that she “supports all public schools.” Betsy DeVos’ shuck and jive views on public…

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Students Ask Betsy Devos The Tough Questions

March 13, 2017

“Betsy Devos: What will you do to make sure all student feel safe and welcome in their schools?” – Nailiah Williams, CFJ Youth Leader EdSource recently asked education leaders what they would ask Betsy Devos if they had the chance. CFJ youth leaders spoke with their reporter to raise up the issues that matter most. Read more…

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CFJ In The News: California’s Search for Education Equity

March 13, 2017

Just a few years ago, Californians for Justice helped end a 10 year effort to bring equitable funding to our schools. As organizations, teachers, students, and districts work to figure out how to use that funding to move all students towards success, a few have found that centering relationships in classrooms and schools can equal…

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Betsy DeVos and the threat to Public Education

February 7, 2017

DeVos’ confirmation is not about challenging the status quo to create a better public education system. It is about providing a false narrative that public education is “flush with billions of dollars.” It is about reinforcing a system of winners and losers.   Just ask DeVos’ home state, Michigan, which now leads the U.S in…

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20th Anniversary Youth Leadership Series: Introducing Francisco Cortez

July 24, 2016

Californians for Justice was the defining moment for me where I realized that I could make a difference in my community. Before Californians for Justice, I was shy and quiet. I wasn’t sure that I had what it takes to be a leader. Leaders can stand up in front of a room and talk to…

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6 Things You Should Know About The State of Education

June 16, 2016

“Old ways will not open new doors. Education is changing. How can we reimagine what schools should look like?” – Erica Hasenbeck, Restorative Practices Manager, Fresno Unified School District In May, Californians for Justice and Teacher Associations in Oakland, San Jose, and Fresno came together to discuss the State of Education for low-income students of…

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What’s the State of Education in East San Jose, Oakland and Fresno? Sign up for the webinars.

April 21, 2016

A Race in Education Series. #Raceinedu Californians for Justice and Teacher Associations in Oakland, East San Jose and Fresno team up to bring you the State of Education from perspectives in the classroom. In celebration of Californians for Justice’s 20th Anniversary, we are kicking off a year-long Race in Education series across the State. The webinar…

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Youth Control $50,000 of School Budget in First-of-its-Kind Process

June 23, 2015

Angel Fernandez was one of many CFJ student leaders who led an effort in San Jose to move their district to implement an innovative democratic process that would allow students to allocate a portion of their school’s budget to where they felt it was most needed. In early 2014, students began meeting with school and…

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Royals Rise Up! Participatory Budgeting Comes to San Jose

March 4, 2015

“This is going to affect Overfelt in a positive way. I think it will inspire students to make more democratic decisions like voting in the future. Most of our youth of color vote at low rates, and this will inspire them to see how it benefits themselves and the nation.” – Brisa Rojas, Overfelt High Student, PB Steering…

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