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Racial Justice

No, this is not an episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone

January 25, 2017

It’s true. The White House aims to rewrite history by doling out “alternative facts.” No, this is not an episode of Black Mirrors or the Twilight Zone. It’s an episode of an alternative reality where White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer makes no mention of the massive Womyn’s Marches that swept the world or how…

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It’s our duty to fight, it is our duty to win

November 9, 2016

As many of us struggle to make sense of the 2016 election results and it’s implications for our communities we wanted to offer up some positive news of the victories for racial and educational justice in California that were possible because young people organized and turned out to vote. These victories are a reminder that we…

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Making It Work: Student Leaders Speak Up at EdSource Symposium

October 21, 2016

EdSource held its annual symposium on education policy at the Oakland Convention Center. This year’s symposium, “Making It Work: Implementing California’s New Vision for School Success”, brought together dedicated educators & leaders in education to discuss the implications of the new systems our State of Board of Education adopted. Amongst those in attendance were CFJ…

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Celebrating Our Mothers For Their Love And Resilience

May 6, 2016

Our mothers have brought so much joy and love to our lives. Their light and strength has kept our families together and has helped carried us through our hardest struggles. A mother’s love and resilience goes beyond race, gender, sexual orientation, income and immigration status. Mamahood is not one-size fits all. Our family structures are as…

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Blast From the Past — Student Voice & the CA High School Exit Exam

October 15, 2015

Former San Jose CFJ Student Leader Alumni and Lead Organizer Rosa De Leon San Jose Mercury News Op-ed: Exit exams unfairly limit students’ potential More than a decade ago– in 2001, hundreds of English Learners, low-income students, and students of color rallied against the California State Board of Education demanding the state end the CA…

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Five Challenges To Centering Race in Education

October 9, 2015

Five Challenges To Centering Race in Education We envision a public education system that uplifts all students regardless of their zip code, income, or race. If we are to close the opportunity, learning, and achievement gaps of the present, we must be bold; we must have courageous conversations about race and it’s impact in our…

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The Students United Will Never Be Defeated!

August 7, 2014

by Sayeg Hernandez My name is Sayeg and I am a SYLA graduate youth of CFJ, fighting for racial, social, and educational change.  I attended the Statewide Leadership Retreat and Student Voice Townhall this past weekend to improve my leadership development and learn more about the My Future, My Voice Campaign. While attending SLR workshops…

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