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Here’s How We Can Support Teachers Year-Round

Fresno Teacher Appreciations

What’s the best way to show your teachers they’re appreciated? Investing in them and our schools! It’s no secret teachers deserve to be paid more. Retaining well-qualified, fully prepared and supported educators is one of the most critical solutions for racially just schools.. Our educators deserve  investment in professional development training for career advancement, more benefits and fully-funded schools!

Already this year multiple CA teacher’s unions have gone on strike in their fight for livable wages, better working conditions and  much-needed resources for students in our schools. The Oakland Educators Association is asking for better pay, community support services, benefits, a restorative justice culture and increased safety on campus. They’re also holding the district accountable to its promise of reparations for Black students and families – a platform we at CFJ are in solidarity. Our student leaders and staff have supported the picket lines this week and we’ll continue to show up for our teachers in Oakland and across CA because we know students and families thrive when we retain teachers in our communities!

Educators are critical partners and co-conspirators with CFJ leaders in fulfilling our vision for education and we need to invest in them. Let’s keep the momentum of Teacher Appreciation Week going year-round! Join us in standing in solidarity with Oakland teachers and all educators fighting for better investment in our students and families. 

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