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We Want To See Joy, Celebration & Liberation in CA Public Schools


Students walking back into classrooms this fall deserve to feel safe, seen and celebrated. We want CA’s public school students to see teachers and staff who look like them, come from their local community and understand the hurdles they face. We want Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander students and families to be centered in school policies and decisions, for youth to be seen as the leaders they are, and for abundant resources in our neighborhood schools. This is more than just our back-to-school wishlist, it’s the vision Californians for Justice and allies have been working towards for years!

Art by Nakeo Marez

“We are finally seeing the types of investment that our schools deserve. Schools with  predominantly Black, Indigenous, & Students of Color, English learners, immigrant students, foster youth and many more marginalized groups are finally seeing some of the changes we’ve been dreaming of. We are shifting the tide, fostering an education system built by us & for all of us!” – Aliha Vega, CFJ Youth Leader, Long Beach

Fresh off of major state budget victories, CFJ is mobilizing to create Racially-Just, Relationship-Centered Community Schools across the state. This work requires us to be bold and imagine what’s possible, and to acknowledge that CA can and should fully resource our public schools. To get there we must continue centering the leadership, expertise, and needs of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander students and families. 

Art by Joel Garcia

This collective vision of public schools as the heart of our communities was interpreted in the 2022 Arts Showcase from the California Partnership for the Future of Learning. For the second year in a row, the partnership commissioned artists from across the state to share their imaginings of what is possible for our schools and families. Will you join us in sharing these beautiful visions in your advocacy to advance community schools?

Students and families have seen so much uncertainty and pain but we know that more is possible when we invest in our joys and celebrate the experiences and cultures of our communities. CFJ and our allies believe that racially-just, relationship centered  community school models will get us there!

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