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68 Years Later: Let’s Fight to Fulfill the Promise of Brown v Board


We Have A Historic Opportunity to Create Racially Just, Relationship Centered Schools 

It’s been 68 years since 13 Black families won their lawsuit to desegregate America’s public schools and secured the right to equal education for students of color. And yet, we know the fight against structural racism in our schools and communities is far from over. As we celebrate this pivotal moment in history, we are simultaneously enraged and grieving our relatives in Buffalo and Laguna Wood who have been terrorized by white supremacist and racist violence. We stand in solidarity with communities across the nation who are actively fighting back against white supremacy and systemic oppression.

With the rest of our communities, allies and comrades, we are energized to turn our rage and grief into actions that build power towards racial and education justice. We are committed today, and every day, to centering the leadership and voices of Black students, families and educators to achieve our vision of racially just and relationship centered schools.

We are in a transformational moment in California where our schools are receiving historic funding levels for the second year in a row, with millions of dollars from the Governor’s budget, as well as additional money for Community Schools. Californians for Justice is working with student leaders in our four regions to ensure these funds prioritize racial justice & equity. 

Specifically, our youth are organizing in Long Beach Unified, Oakland Unified, Fresno Unified and the East Side Union High School District in San Jose to create racially just, relationship centered schools. We are working towards campus cultures that prioritize connections between students and staff, create shared decision-making between students, families and educators, center mental health, achieve racial equity and more! 

Art by Brandie Bowen for the California Partnership for the Future of Learning 2021 Arts Showcase

Let’s Realize the Dream of Brown v. Board

Friends, there should be no doubt, this is a historic opportunity we can’t afford to sleep on. We must act boldly and center the voices of those who have been impacted most in our education system.

We’re asking you to join us as we hold district and education leaders accountable to the original promise of Brown vs. Board of Education. Support Black, Brown and API students and families in calls for ethnic studies, mental health resources, and racially just, relationship centered schools!

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