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Remember to Vote By September 14


Hey Friends,

It wasn’t that long ago that we were celebrating the major win of seeing historic funding levels pouring into our schools — but already there’s a threat on the horizon. COVID-19 relief funds are one-time funds, meaning our districts are not guaranteed this level of support in the coming years. This makes the recall election on Sept. 14 a crucial moment for our state’s education system. 

Reminders why it’s important to make your voice heard in this election:

It’s your chance to choose a leader who will be an ally to our schools. Hey, we see you. You’re doing the work — having the conversations, making the moves and dreaming big with us as we Reimagine and Rebuild CA schools. As strong as we are together, we know it helps when we have state leaders who are also doing this work alongside us. The best way to ensure we have allies at the top is to use your voice and vote by Tuesday, September 14.

They gonna learn today! There are people out here who still believe that young people and people of color don’t care what happens in our schools, communities or government. We know this is false, so let’s be sure and show up. Our voices are strong and beautiful so let’s make sure they hear us at the polls! Check here for all the info on where, when and how to vote in the recall election.

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