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CFJ Featured in National Media Series on Youth Organizing in the U.S.

Artist: Brandie Bowen of San Francisco and Coleman Advocates

Young people throughout history have come together to radically transform culture, policies, and the faces of politics. Californians for Justice is honored to be featured in an incredibly important issue series.

With 25 years of organizing history and experience in California at our backs, long-time CFJ organizers and leaders, Saa’un Bell and Geordee Mae Corpuz share what it will take to radically transform public education for Black and Brown youth in California schools. 

Read the article: From Demanding to Commanding Power 

“How do we reimagine and rebuild schools rooted in joy, schools that give students space to be, cultivate a deep love for learning and humanity, and instill in students the foresight and skills to take on the social and environmental crises of the 21st century?  

Lasting, systemic transformation will never happen unless we change the people, the culture, and the power young people of color have over their lives. Doing that work takes a disciplined commitment to ongoing power analysis, embodying racial justice, building relationships that transform hearts and minds, and developing a strong pipeline of youth leaders.”

More about the Forge, an online journal on organizing strategy and practice: 

Forge recently released a special issue Youth Organizing in the U.S. In this issue, Forge brought together a diverse group of youth organizers from across the United States to tackle the critical questions facing the field. What innovations are young organizers bringing to the movement, and what strategies are they pursuing to build political power? What kinds of organizational structures have youth organizers built, how are they forging a relationship between movement and organization-building work, and how are they navigating the tension between revolution and reform? Where are they collaborating across generations, and where are tensions emerging?

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