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Student Power Wins Big to Pave Way for Racially Just Schools


We did it – all of our collective hard work paid off! On Friday, Governor Newsom signed the AB 130, a K-12 education trailer bill with HISTORIC investments in education including nearly all of the CFJ student demands from  our  Relationship-Centered Schools and  Reimagine and Rebuild campaigns. This budget shows that we are winning the battle to transform public education. Only by transforming the experiences and possibilities for young people can we progress on the path to racial justice.

What CFJ Students Demanded =  What was in the budget 

Racially just, relationship centered schools

  • $3 billion to launch a statewide community schools initiative in up to 1,400 schools!  This effort will provide funding for transformational and collaborative leadership, culturally relevant curriculum and teaching, community and student wellness hubs on campus, expanded access to enrichment and redesigned schedules through 2028.

Equitable & Abundant Funding

  • Increases LCFF Base, Supplemental, & Concentration funding to $21,439 per student vs. $12,143 per pupil just 2 years ago!

Mental Health & Wellness 

  •  Over $700 million in investments to mental health supports, including expanding and strengthening school and county partnerships and capacity, along with establishing an Office of School-Based Health Programs.

Relationships Between Students & School Staff 

  • $1.5 billion to invest in professional development for teachers to focus on issues like social equity, ethnic studies, dual language acquisition, positive school climate, re-engaging students, restorative practices, and implicit bias training.
  • $50 million to expand resources and professional development on social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practices.

Racial Equity in Curriculum & Instruction 

  • $350 million to increase the training, support, recruitment and retention of diverse and well-prepared educators
  • $10 million to increase dual immersion and other bilingual programs
  • $50 million to create and expand ethnic studies programs
  • $5 million for ethnic studies professional development
  • $10 million Anti-Bias Education Grant Program

 High School Redesign 

  • $547 million for the A-G Completion Grant Program to increase college & career readiness and pay for student fees

Youth Voice 

  • $6.15 million to lift up the use and importance of student, teacher, and community voices through school climate surveys as a driving measure of school success and improvement so we have data from student’s assessment of relationships, safety, empowerment and conditions for learning on their campus

CFJ students and our community have worked hard these last 6 years, organizing and building with local and state leaders to make this victory possible. Special shout out to the 1,000 youth who shared their vision for schools, and our allies in the CA Partnership for the Future of Learning and the over 50 allies that endorsed our budget demands

Now that the budget is passed we must continue our work, making sure these wins are real. Real for students, our communities, and school staff. CFJ youth leaders and organizers will continue to fight for student voice and racial justice as this historic budget is implemented in districts and schools. 

There’s still a long road ahead, but for today – let’s celebrate the biggest wins CFJ has ever had in the state budget! Thank you students, teachers, families, allies, administrators, funders, and more. This win is OUR win. 

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