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3 Things to Keep in Mind These Final Weeks of Election 2020

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Original Art by Orion Camero for Californians for Justice. Title: Learning Liberation, Artist’s Description: “What do you see when you see this painting? Inspired by relationship-centered schools, this piece speaks to the power we have as young people to nurture future generations and build the skills necessary to manifest our wildest dreams.”

We have just under two weeks left in Election 2020, which means we’re going harder than ever before to ensure our voices are counted on local, state and national issues. We’re making calls, dropping memes and talking to everybody we know about what’s at stake this election for young people, public schools and communities of color. 

To stay focused and help keep our eyes on the prize, we’re listing three things everyone can do between now and November 3 to ensure we have the biggest impact possible this year. 

  1.  Find a voter guide that’s right for you!
    1. With so many issues on the ballot this year it can be overwhelming trying to decipher what your vote on each proposition actually means. Thankfully, many of Californians for Justice’s most trusted partners have compiled voter guides to help break down what your vote means. Here are a few of our favorites:
      1. Power CA Action Voter Guide 2020
      2. ACLU SoCAL Ballot Guide 2020
      3. Long Beach Rising Voter Guide
      4. Oakland Rising Action Progressive Voter Guide
      5. Silicon Valley De-Bug, Protect Your People Voter Guide
  2. Be social! Check in on your folks to remind them to vote and vote now!
    1. A record number of Californians have already cast their ballot and we want to keep this momentum going! You can support by calling your friends and family and inviting them to join you for a voting party (socially distanced of course), tag them on a social media post with info or start a voting challenge to see who can fill out their ballot and turn it in first. Don’t forget to vote all the way down your ballot because we know local and state elections are just as crucial this year as deciding our next president!
  3. Step into your Voting Power! 
    1. There are more ways than ever before to have your vote counted! This year, all California voters are receiving their ballots in the mail so you can conveniently fill it out at home and drop it off with the postal service or at one of the official drop-off boxes in your community. You can also show up to your local polling place in-person to cast your vote or hand-off your completed ballot. 
    2. After you’ve voted, be sure to track your ballot with the State of California’s official tracker. You can opt-in for updates and confirmation that your vote has been received and counted. 

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