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Governor Gavin Newsom Backs Schools & Communities First Initiative Prop. 15


Californians for Justice is elated with the latest endorsement of Prop. 15, Schools and Communities First initiative from California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

On Friday September 11th, Governor Newsom described Prop. 15 as a “fair, phased-in and long-overdue reform” that will “fund essential services such as public schools and public safety.” 

Newsom’s endorsement is significant. It’s the first time a Governor has endorsed a ballot initiative at this magnitude — choosing California communities and families over big corporations like Disney and Chevron. Many of these companies continue to benefit from significantly discounted commercial property costs while California’s families shoulder the brunt of the responsibility.

California has lost $585 billion in revenue for public infrastructure, schools, and local services

This significant divestment has undermined Black, Indigenous, and young people of color across multiple institutions, especially education and critical social services. In addition to this divestment, the residential sector now pays the lion’s share for critical community services. WOW. Wow is right. 

Join us in voter outreach to pass Prop. 15

The Governor’s endorsement is huge, but we still have work to do to secure this funding for our schools and communities.

Join us this fall for voter outreach via phones and texting to ensure that Prop 15 makes it past the November 3rd finish line.


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