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We’re 90 Days Out from Election Day 2020; Are You Ready?

Art by Ashley Lukashevsky for Logo TV GOTV 2018.

Art by Ashley Lukashevsky for Logo TV GOTV 2018.

We’re officially 3 months out from Election Day 2020! With so much at stake this November we’ve prepared a list of 3 Key Things to keep in mind as we cross the 90-day mark. 

  • This is Your Chance to Take Back Control in 2020
      1. 2020 has been a helluva year. From the global pandemic and economic downturn to mass demonstrations and state-sanctioned violence, our cities, state and country have been through a lot. Don’t miss a key chance to leave your mark and change things for the better this year. We have 90 days until Election Day 2020, which means we should all start prepping now. Check your voter registration, make sure your information’s up-to-date, do your research, know what policies you like and which you don’t. Call your friends and family and make sure they’re preparing for Election Day too! We can’t afford to miss out on the chance to say how our government should be run. 
  • These Statewide Propositions are Gamechangers
      1. Proposition 15 and 16 have been decades in the making. Grassroots groups and community advocates have organized for years and now we have a chance to get more funding for CA schools and communities, and restore affirmative action to our state. Prop 15 will close a decades-old corporate tax loophole and ensure a new source of revenue for schools and community services for years to come. Prop 16 brings affirmative action back to CA — banned since the ‘90s — allowing for more accurate racial equity data and policies which will help bring our state closer to the racially just future of our dreams.
  • Don’t Sleep on Local Races 
    1. With so much at stake in 2020 it can be easy to prioritize the higher-profile races. But what happens at the local level has an immediate and more direct impact on our everyday lives. Many of us will have the chance to vote in everything from city council races and school board seats, to local measures like parcel and sales tax. These issues may appear further down on the ballot but they’re equally critical to our communities. Use these next 90 days to learn about what’s happening close to home, and commit to voting down your ballot.

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