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Prop 15 is Essential to California’s Economic Recovery


This year has shown us flat out that only our community can save our community, and the flight for our peoples continues on Election Day this November. California voters have a historic opportunity to right a past injustice that has pushed equity decades back in our state and defunded our communities and schools. Proposition 15, also known as Schools and Communities First, is a key chance for our state to prioritize funding for schools, community programs and work towards a more racially just future. 

Our state’s economic recovery and the health of our communities depends on our ability to tap into new funding streams in the coming months and years. Proposition 15 offers the kind of revenue source our schools and communities desperately need as we rebuild in a post-COVID world. 

Join us in the fight to secure funding for Schools and Communities First by making sure you and your network are registered to vote. The voting process will look different this election because of the pandemic, so all Californians will receive their ballots in the mail. Be sure you’re set up with the most up-to-date information and ready to vote for Prop 15!

Take action by registering for one or more of our many phone bank sessions and other volunteer opportunities that we will have weekly. 

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