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Major Milestone Update On Schools & Communities First


Having bleak budget blues? Here’s some good news:

Young people gathering signatures for Schools and Communities First.

Californians are about Schools and Communities First. 

Earlier this month, the Schools and Communities First coalition submitted 1.7 million signatures of support. The most signatures ever submitted for a ballot measure in California history.

Those numbers continue to speak for themselves, as we enter a pandemic recession. 

New polling from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) shows that a majority of likely California voters, 53%, support investing in schools by requiring commercial property to be assessed at fair market value. The support for this has increased since the last PPIC poll. That same poll tested in November 2019  showed that 46% of likely voters supported the concept. That’s a 7 point gain in five months. *clap here* 

We know polls can be finicky. The 7 point gain tells us we have established the foundation to win this November. That’s the latest poll. 

The Schools & Communities First campaign also polled the actual title and summary ballot language. The language you’ll see on your ballot.

The poll showed that 58% of likely California voters support the initiative. It shows voters are even more supportive when they see the actual text of the ballot measure. The language details that both local governments and schools receive all the revenue.

Right now, Schools and Communities First provides a momentous, and much needed opportunity to fasttrack California’s rebuild, recovery, and reinvestment. 

The Coronavirus pandemic shows how much we all depend on public goods as social safety nets like healthcare, schools, child-care, and living-wages— and the essential workers who risk their lives to take care of us

Like you, the pandemic has us wondering how we will secure the vote come November. There are a lot of what ifs. What if there’s another wave of Coronavirus? How will sliding into another recession impact voters? Voters who are young people, parents, essential workers, and much more. It is up to us to vote in the structural change we need for Californians to live healthy & fulfilling lives.

Recently, Governor Newsom decided all registered California voters will receive a mail-in-ballot. This is a big win. But we know that it’s going to take all of us to get each other to cast our votes. Young people of color are doing the work to ensure we win Schools and Communities First this Fall. We’re building momentum from our 600 person virtual rally, organizing phone-banking & mass texting, social media campaigns to #CollectOnOurFutures, and so much more.

Here Are Two Ways You Can Support:

Follow our #CommunityOverCorporations Social Media Campaign contest on Instagram.

Young leader Naudika TikTok Social Media Campaign Submission

Share your story with the campaign about why you support Schools and Communities First.

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