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It will take all of us to secure school funding victories in November

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The results from California’s primary are in and we have no more time to lose. Proposition 13, the only statewide school funding initiative on the primary ballot, looks unlikely to pass. The bond measure would raise $15 billion for much-needed school facilities upgrades and repairs at campuses across California. But where this one failed to rally our communities, we can still succeed and change the tide for our schools and communities in November.

Californians for Justice, along with grassroots organizations, unions and leaders across the state are still fighting to secure a spot for the Schools and Communities First initiative on the ballot this fall. To get there, it’s going to take all of us. We need to mobilize our friends, families and neighbors. Like any other major progressive victories, we need the support of our Black, Brown and Southeast Asian communities. We need to engage our elders, young folks and families and unite under the shared dream of a golden state that invests deeply in its schools, grows thriving communities and prioritizes a brighter future for all residents. 

This week’s primary showed us the power of our communities of color and youth voters. Even when the lines are long, computers crash or misinformation is spread, we still showed up to use our voice and demand change. 

We also know there are bright spots for our schools and communities. In the Central Valley, several local school bond measures passed, including Measure M which gives Fresno Unified $325 million to help retain teachers, improve facilities and boost career tech education programs. And in the Bay Area, Oakland voters successfully passed Measure Q to raise funds for homeless support services. 

These results are affirmation that CA voters want to see change and help their communities. We can rally around these bright spots and push that much harder for Schools and Communities in November. 

Get Involved:

  1. Help us cross the finish line! We’re collecting signatures for Schools and Communities First through March 26 so be sure and sign the petition!
  2. Tell your friends and family you’re proud of them for using their voice! Celebrate your work to get out the vote this week and start planning now for how you’ll vote in November!

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