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Journey to Vote P.1, Election Day is Here

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Voting season is here, and we are channeling alllll of our Pisces energy for Election Day! Grabbing a last minute dinner with friends to talk through issues on the ballot, and getting ready to make our voice heard tomorrow. 2020 is all about the Youth Vote, with our generation currently being the THE LARGEST eligible voting group! **cheers to that**

This year 35% of eligible voters will be young people under the age of 39 (Millennials & Gen Z). And of those young voters in California, around 82% are people of color. With youth activism on the rise since the last election, 2020 will be a pivotal moment for youth voice. We’ve already watched youth led movements such as immigration reform, March for Our Lives, climate activism & Black Lives Matter shape our culture as a whole. And to sweeten the pie, eligible voters ages 18-34 actually agree across party lines on traditionally divisive issues such as healthcare for all. 

In 2020, we at CFJ are taking a deeper look at young voters of color in California in a series we are calling Journey to Vote. We’ll follow Te’Ausha Garcia, a young Organizer with Californians for Justice, as she rallies young people of color across the state to vote. We’ll talk to Te’Ausha about her Journey to Vote, and capture video interviews along the way about how young voters of color are feeling in this unique moment.

Make a Voting Plan

In the meantime, March 3rd marks the true start of our 2020 Journey to Vote! Do you have a Voting Plan for Election Day? We recommend 3 steps to get Voter Ready!

  1. Check & Write Down Your Voting Location! We even recommend texting it to a close friend, so you can reference it in your text history.
  2. Research! Whether you take 10 minutes to look up a voting guide from a source you trust, or invite your besties over for Take Out & Voter Talk- create some space to pre-decide how you will vote.
  3. Text 3 friends and remind them to vote! Life gets busy, things come up- and everybody appreciates the friend that takes a moment to remind them about election day!


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How Pisces Are You? Take the quiz to see if you handle voting season like a true water sign!

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