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5 Tips to Politically Activate Friends, Family & Strangers This Holiday Season


The holidays are the perfect time to gather with your loved ones, eat delicious food, make memories and educate them on all the important political issues that are coming up in 2020! Help them fight the food coma and stay woke this holiday season! Whether you’re tapping the homies to help gather signatures for Schools and Communities First, encouraging your aunties to get registered to vote, or dispensing holiday advice and reminding your community what’s at stake in 2020, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you stay in the zone this holiday season.

1. Take advantage of the crowds while shopping 

If you’re like us, you’re probably gathering as many signatures of registered voters as you can to help get your favorite initiatives on the ballot for next year. Be sure to bring along some signature sheets as you head out to stores these upcoming weeks. You’re sure to get treasured gifts AND lots of signatures from folks waiting in line with you. 

2. Hit up your holiday delivery person

Introverts this one’s for you! Whether you’re ordering your dinner for delivery, catching a lift to meet with friends, or waiting on a package to gift, be sure to talk to your delivery person about what issues are closest to your heart — hopefully it’s something about Schools and Communities First. Or maybe it’s just a friendly reminder to them to register to vote (you can do it on your phone!). The California primary is in March this year, so let’s make sure every vote counts!

Inquiring minds want to know! (Shoutout to 99Rootz for this meme!)

 3. Don’t forget to tell the big man your holiday wish

Planning a visit to Santa this year? No judgment, we’re all kids at heart. Just be sure to make the most of your facetime with old St. Nick and tell him what you want to see change in 2020 for your community! Maybe it’s seeing California’s schools and communities get $12 billion back annually from large corporations, or maybe it’s seeing accountability in public office. Either way, be sure to share the holiday cheer and post that photo on social media! If you tag us we’ll be your best friends forever.

4. Gather your loved ones for some heartwarming food and conversation

Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen with your papa or enjoying a feast with your grandma, try to take some time and ask them about their political engagement. Voting is still a privilege for many in our communities so ask them about the first time they voted, what was it like? How do they feel about it now? For some of us, we’re the first to vote in our families. Share with them what this means to you. Ask them how they feel about issues, or how they’d vote if they could. The voices of our elders are important, so take a moment to show them you respect that.

5. Be the talk of the holiday party

Whether you’re at the office, with friends or at a family party it’s always okay to break the taboo and talk “politics.” Taking time to talk politics at a party doesn’t need to translate into a rundown of a news network or hot takes on what is happening in the capital, especially since that latter can seem disconnected and detached from our everyday life. Instead, feel free to bring up an issue — like a living wage — or an experience you had like attending the climate strike because the weather is crazy these days. It’s always a good bet to be a civically-minded citizen and remind folks how thoughtful you are. Whatever you discuss, be sure to remind folks about the primaries and dive into how unique it is that everyday Californians can get propositions on the ballot and pass them into law. 

If you’re interested or want more information on how to collect signatures for Schools and Communities First email us back or stop by one of our offices to pick up petitions.  

Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be all-encompassing. There are many holidays and celebrations we didn’t even mention so feel free to think up your own sneaky ways to continue the fight for justice while also having fun this season. And don’t forget to tag us so we can join in the festivities!

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