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Elections are Over; What Does it Mean for California’s Schools?

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After a lengthy election cycle that saw mass mobilization of youth and voters of color, Californians for Justice is eager to see how Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom will continue efforts to fully fund our public schools. We are looking to Newsom to be a governor who can lead together with youth, parents, educators and other elected officials to foster a vision and build a model of education in California that will serve as a model for the rest of the nation; a model that fully embraces the cultural strengths and diversity of all California’s students, allowing them to grow to their full potential, regardless of race or zipcode.

We believe California deserves a public education system:

  1. That is restored to full and fair funding
  2. That has a diverse and well prepared educator workforce that reflects the needs and strengths of the new majority of
  3. Where our schools are relationship centered to develop trust and support between students, staff and administrators
  4. Where Black and Brown students and communities are invested in, supported, represented and encouraged to thrive
  5. Where immigrant students, English Learners, LGBQ, Trans and Gender non-conforming students all feel safe and supported
  6. Built to support the next generation of California’s leaders

Much of the groundwork has already been laid. The historic passage of the Local Control Funding Formula helped transform our education system to one that prioritizes equity in resources and supports for Foster Youth, Low-income students and English Learners. We ask our new state leaders to continue the legacy of LCFF and  push forward to address racial justice needs in our education system.

LCFF enjoys widespread support from teachers, school principals and education leaders throughout California and we urge Newsom to build upon this strong foundation. By doubling down on equity in schools and pushing for racial justice, we believe this new administration can further lead the work towards building a bold, new vision for California’s education system.

Californians for Justice looks forward to working with Governor-Elect Newsom––who can lead together with youth, parents, educators, and other elected officials––to foster a vision and build a model of equitable education in California and for the rest of the nation. With full funding, racial justice, and Relationship Centered Schools, we can achieve a system of education that embraces the cultural strengths and diversity of all of our students and allows them to feel safe, supported and capable of thriving in education and beyond.

CFJ Civic Engagement and Youth Mobilization

During the 2018 Midterm Elections Californians for Justice worked to empower youth and communities of color statewide. Our civic engagement wins include:

  • Staff and youth contacting 7,183 young voters of color through phonebanking efforts
  • Youth leaders leading outreach in their high school classrooms and registering peers to vote
  • CFJ youth mobilizing through social media and challenging their networks to pledge to vote
  • CFJ youth moderating, participating and engaging in four school board town halls across the state
  • Interns and youth mobilizing to Get Out the Vote with ballot parties, political educations, and canvassing across our regions

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