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Our Trans Community #WillNotBeErased


 The leaked Trans memo sent by the Trump administration this month has had a devastating impact on our trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth and communities.

There have been many news pieces and op-eds around this issue and the clear threat represented here.  By proposing edits to the definition of sex, the administration is trying to effectively erase trans people from civil rights laws. This has profound/devastating implications on access to housing, healthcare, and more. Shortly after the first announcement, news also broke that the US is attempting to change inclusive language in United Nations documents.

In the face of these state-sponsored attacks, we want to be clear — Trans people #WillNotBeErased. The Trans, Gender Non-Conforming community is legitimate, valid, and seen. We’ve always been here and always will be, through bathroom bills, unjust deaths of Black and Brown trans women, the risks facing our trans youth, and whatever comes our way.

CFJ stands with TGNC youth and community and the intersectional violence that disproportionately affects Black and Brown trans womxn and femmes, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, sex workers, and intersex folx.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Do the small things!:
    • Don’t misgender! Be sure to learn and use the correct gender pronouns for individuals – it’s a small thing that goes a long way.  
    • Check in on your TGNC (Trans and Gender Non-Conforming), non-binary, intersex community and friends
    • Donate to TGNC organizations: Transgender Law Center, GSA Network
  • Donate!
    • To local organizations: see this example list
    • To Gender-confirmation surgeries (especially for trans womxn/femmes) – on crowdsourcing platforms such as GoFundMe or personal campaigns.
  • Volunteer your time!
  • Show up to your local Trans Rights Rally

As we close out LGBT History Month, it’s important to look back and recognize all the different pieces of the LGBQ, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming communities we’ve celebrated this October. Let’s continue this awareness, solidarity and celebration throughout the year and our lives! Support our TGNC, nonbinary, and intersex community all the time!

From Ericka Hart, a Black nonbinary femme:

“If you only talk about trans, intersex, non binary and/or gender non-comforting folks (etc) when a political administration is being violent: You are a part of the problem. I have to correct people all of the time in some of the most ordinary spaces to be inclusive of all genders. People who use cis heteronormative language and/or perpetuate the gender binary 364 days out of the year, in their classrooms, in their businesses, in the restaurant, in the airport, in the Lyft, when asking people to vote, in their activism, but then want to be mad at transphobic legislation. Divesting from the gender binary is FREE and can be done at anytime, anywhere.
Love, a Trans man and Non- Binary Femme #endwhitesupremacy #divestfromthegenderbinary”

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