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Supreme Court Ruling Deals a Blow to CA Teachers, Students and Communities of Color


The Supreme Court’s ruling last week in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees dealt yet another blow to our communities.

The decision means anti-worker politicians and corporations have one more weapon to silence the voices of youth and communities of color on the ground. By ruling that government workers no longer need to pay a fair share for collective bargaining, a few powerful elites are hoping to pit workers against each other. This case is designed to push unions of working people, including teachers, apart from each other and weaken the power of their voices.

How this impacts California

This will hit California especially hard as we are already in the midst of a severe teacher shortage. The Supreme Court decision will make it harder to recruit teachers, especially teachers of color who rely on the protections advocated for by unions in order to advance in their careers and support their families.

The ruling will also have a long-lasting impact on the state’s Black, Brown, Asian and Pacific Islander students. Our youth need Relationship Centered Schools that make space for student voice, empower their leadership, and build relationships and connections to school and community. But Relationship Centered Schools can only happen when there’s a good working environment for teachers.

Let’s continue to support and invest in our communities

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for all of us to advocate for public education. We also need to stay informed about the benefits unions bring to our communities and create policies that will continue to protect working people, teachers and students. The impact of the Janus ruling will be felt by families and the youth who are our next generation of leaders. We need to take care of them now by investing in public education so we can have a brighter future for all of California.

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