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LCFF Mend & Defend Coalition 

In July 2017, 15 grassroots organizations representing over 40 districts across the state came came together to “defend and mend” the Local Control Funding Formula. We held an “LCFF is working” press conference centered on the powerful testimonies of students, parents and advocates on the importance of LCFF. Since the “LCFF is working” press conference, we have continued to meet with the governor’s office and key stakeholders to strategize on how to protect and improve LCFF: ensure that the equity component of the formula remains, and to improve LCFF by strengthening student and family engagement.


About Assembly Bill 2820 – School Climate & Community Engagement bill to advance Relationship Centered Schools

Assembly Bill 2820 focuses on improving the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) by focusing on Community Engagement and School Climate in order to improve our schools.

As a result of our hard work and advocacy, we are now working towards the passage of AB 2820 with Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, an education equity champion for students across the state.

McCarty has partnered with the LCFF Defend and Mend coalition to introduce Assembly Bill 2820. AB 2820 focuses on Community Engagement and School Climate in order to strengthen the Local Control Funding Formula and improve our schools! By investing in community engagement and school climate we can break down inequity in schools to ensure that every student has a Relationship Centered School – and is on a path to success.

“I am proud to author AB 2820, which will strengthen Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) community engagement — encouraging parents, students, teachers, staff, and the public to come together to close the opportunity and achievement gaps,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. “This bill will equip school districts with the tools needed to create robust parent and community engagement programs. Strong community collaboration is vital to fundamentally changing the culture of educational inequity in schools and ensuring lifelong student success for all of California’s students.”

– Assemblymember Kevin McCarty

We know that positive school climate and meaningful engagement and relationships with students, parents, and families––especially from underrepresented communities––are at the heart of making LCFF work and improving our schools. The bill, aimed at resourcing student and family engagement and supporting school climate surveys, would:

  1. Provide one-time funding for capacity building and resources for parent, student, and community engagement in the development of local control accountability plans and the continuous improvement process with County Offices of Education, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, and Local Education Agencies
  2. Provide on-going funding for annual school climate surveys of students, parents, and staff

LCFF Mend & Defend Coalition: 

  1. California Youth Connection (Statewide)
  2. Sacramento ACT (Sacramento) – PICO
  3. Coleman Advocates (San Francisco)
  4. RYSE Center (Richmond)
  5. Bay Area PLAN (Oakland)
  6. Oakland Community Organization (Oakland) – PICO
  7. Somos Mayfair (San Jose)
  8. People Acting in Community Together (San Jose) – PICO
  9. Faith in the Valley/RISE Merced (Central Valley) -PICO
  10. Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (Central Valley)
  11. LA Voice (Los Angeles) – PICO
  12. Families in Schools (Los Angeles)
  13. InnerCity Struggle (Los Angeles)
  14. Community Coalition (Los Angeles)
  15. Khmer Girls in Action (Long Beach)
  16. Inland Congregations United for Change (Inland Empire) – PICO
  17. Orange County Congregation Community Organization (Orange County) – PICO
  18. Public Advocates

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