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Today we honor teachers impacting the future of this country through the lives they transform in their classrooms.  Everyday, teachers go above and beyond to support their students facing personal challenges; believe in students by pushing them to grow and reach their fullest potential; by simply making time to ask: how are you doing?


CFJ celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day as we continue advancing Relationship Centered Schools so that every staff member and student is valued and supported. For thousands of students across California, teachers are the number one resource they need to help them succeed.  Today, students celebrate teachers who impact their lives by embodying what a Relationship Centered School looks like:


  • (Mr. Cabana) has always supported me in everything! From math to my personal life! He actually was one of the people who helped me come out of the closet to the class of 2020 that I am bi. -Lizeth Hernandez, Oakland student


  • Mr. Fisher, (from) Cabrillo High School, impacted my life because he believes that I can accomplish things that I never could imagine myself doing -Judith Villavicencio, Long Beach student.


  • I think Mr. Chavez from FHS has really impacted my life. He’s just an amazing teacher although he’s strict, you just know he’s doing it because he genuinely comes for our education. He’s very persistent and never ever considers giving up on his students. -Sarah Molina, Fresno student


  • Ms. Ha, Puente English teacher at Overfelt High School, has had an impact in my life. She helped me think about college that I am capable of going.  -Narely Del Villar, San Jose student.


For these reasons, CFJ leaders stand committed to create schools that value teacher voice, invest in their development, and provide space for relationship building among staff, administrators, and students.

On this special day, pledge to build relationships, not walls in our schools.  Show your appreciation to amazing teachers that transformed your life by signing the pledge to create Relationship Centered Schools!

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