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Relationship Centered Schools connects the dots. It breaks down walls, and brings people together.

Here are the six reasons why we need Relationship Centered Schools:

1. 1 out of 3 students in California can’t identify a single caring adult

If we applied the 2013-2015 California Healthy Kids survey statistic to the 6.2 million students in California, that would mean over 2 million students would not be able to identify a single caring adult at school.

Imagine how your life would be different if you didn’t have that one caring adult or teacher– someone that believed in you. 


2. Building relationships challenges racism & bias

Passing policy alone is not enough to ensure that change reaches the students and educators who need it most.

Where Trump chooses to build walls and spread hate, we must continue to build meaningful relationships across race, gender, and nationality in the classroom. The stereotypes and biases we are exposed to can affect the way students are viewed; left unchecked, students  of color are disproportionately disciplined,  left behind academically, and are overwhelmingly represented among the students who can’t identify a single caring adult at school.

Where there are meaningful relationships, and biases are checked, the potential of any child is limitless.

3. 1 out of 5 students go unnoticed every day

Recently, 175 students from around the state observed their interactions with teachers and staff over the course of a single day and nearly 1 out of 5 students did not have a single teacher or staff member make eye contact or greet them by name.

Feeling connected and welcomed at school starts with small moments. What if you went through an entire day unnoticed?

4. We can’t do it without teachers

Over 150 of the 211 school districts surveyed by the Learning Policy Institute in California do not have enough teachers. The teacher shortage is real. “Nearly 50% of new teachers in urban school districts leave the profession within five years”.

The reason– we don’t value our teachers enough. And without investing in, and retaining teachers, our schools can’t create the relationship-centered schools students need.  

A thriving and diverse teacher workforce benefits all students.

5. Relationship Centered Schools connects the dots

Beyond school program add-ons or public education’s latest trend to improve achievement, Relationship Centered Schools connect the dots. It breaks down walls, and brings people together.

The American Institute for Research put it best, Focusing on social emotional learning (SEL) may actually be an antidote to fragmentation. Some districts have used SEL as a framework to organize and consolidate many related, but previously disconnected efforts, such as student engagement, discipline, and service learning.”

6. Students do better, schools do better

Educators and researchers know the facts are there– Relationship Centered Schools is key to school success.

Studies have shown that Integrating social emotional learning has overwhelmingly positive results.

An analysis of more than 213 studies showed an 11 point percentage academic gain for students who participated in SEL programs. And for every 1 dollar spent on SEL, there is an $11 return.


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