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Celebrating Our Mothers For Their Love And Resilience

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Our mothers have brought so much joy and love to our lives.

Their light and strength has kept our families together and has helped carried us through our hardest struggles.

A mother’s love and resilience goes beyond race, gender, sexual orientation, income and immigration status. Mamahood is not one-size fits all. Our family structures are as diverse as the people in them – and Mamas Day is more complicated than what $5 grocery store cards would have you believe.

That’s why this Sunday, CalifoMelanieCervantes-MamasDay2016 copy_0rnians for Justice will be celebrating Mamas Day with Forward Together to celebrate the mothers who are often ignored in the Mother’s Day cards we see in our local hallmarks and grocery stores.

Mamas need more than flowers or a box of chocolates once a year. They need access to healthcare, childcare for their children, schools that are safe, and a job with paid sick time so she can take care of herself or a sick loved one. This Mamas Day, honor the mamas in your life – the people who make your family complete – by sending a FREE Ecard that is as beautiful as they are.

The cards on express these struggles, and our collective hope for a more just future where all mamas are loved. Join us in sending a new kind of Mamas Day card to the special mothers in your life.

Happy Mamas Day!


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