The Student Voice Campaign!

Led by the Student Voice Coalition, the Student Voice Campaign set out to win an increased role for students in California’s new school funding formula (LCFF) in April 2014. And in 7 months… 

Our Goals

  1. Unite key youth organizations around the state to win Student Voice demands as part of the final LCFF statewide regulations.
  2. Build the power and visibility of youth organizing in California.
  3. Change the frame of youth engagement and investment in public education.

Our Values

  1. Student Voice: students are the heart of the new funding formula so our voices should be at the heart of the new funding conversation. We are the most ‘local’ to education and know our needs best.
  2. Diversity: we need diverse perspectives, particularly of high need students, to capture the diverse needs of students.
  3. Fairness: student voice is the missing link in having meaningful accountability and funding conversations. Teachers, administrators, and parents all have a clear role in district funding and accountability plans whereas we do not. It is our stories, our futures that are at stake.
  4. Innovation: students are a source of innovation and are the driving force behind a 21st century education system.

Emeryville, Oakland Students to Get Formal Say in District Accountability Process

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Students Seek Greater Voice

State Board of Ed President Michael Kirst Releases statement on Student Voice

Student Voice Townhall – The Students United Will Never Be Defeated!

Hundreds of youth attend January State Board of Education meeting

Watch: Equity Now! Learn why students are speaking up about adequate and equitable school funding.

What We’re Fighting For

We want the voices of students to be heard, valued, and reflected in school district decision making in how to spend money from the new school funding law (LCFF). Currently, the LCFF law has a process for stakeholders like parents, teachers and others to weigh in on what LCFF money should be spent on, but students have no formal process for making their voices heard. We are calling on the State Board of Education to:

  • create a FORMAL PROCESS for student input.
  • give districts a MENU of options to engage students.
  • update the guiding QUESTIONS for district plans.

Giving students a voice in LCFF will ensure that the millions of dollars of new funding truly addresses the diverse needs of students in California so our State will be the model of 21st century education.

Who We Are

The Student Voice Coalition is anchored by Californians for Justice in partnership with these Core members and Champions of student voice: 

13987164769_99b720cdf9_zInland Congregations United for Change/PICO California

Inner City Struggle

California Association of Student Councils

ACLU of California

Public Advocates

The Education Trust-West

California Teachers Association

Parent Teacher Association of California

Individual Champions of student voice:

Superintendent Chris Funk (East Side Union High School District)

County Board Member Darcie Green (Santa Clara)

County Board Member Leon Beauchman (Santa Clara)

District Board Member Teresa Castellanos (San Jose Unified)

Principal Vito Chiala (Overfelt High School, San Jose)

The Coalition is also supported by 30 leading educational justice and advocate groups that represent 850,000 students and families across California:

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles

Black Organizing Project

Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition

Campaign for Quality Education

Children Now

Children’s Defense Fund

Coleman Advocates

Communities for a New California

Fathers and Families of San Joaquin

Families in Schools

Fresno Building Healthy Communities

Fresno Center for New Americans

Gay Straight Alliance Network of California

Great Oakland Public SchoolsLeadership Center

Helping Others Pursue Excellence

Khmer Girls in Action

Oakland Unified Meaningful Student Engagement

Oakland Community Organizations

Oakland Kids First

Parent Leadership Action Network

Partnership For Children & Youth

PICO California

Reading and Beyond

RYSE Center

Sacred Heart Community Services

SOMOS Mayfair

Stone Soup

The kNOw Youth Media

Youth Leadership Institute

Youth Together

Thank you to the following educators who engaged in a dialogue with students to provide feedback on their proposal for meaningful student voice in the LCFF:

State Board of Education Members and Staff

Jesse Zhang, Trustee Bruce Holaday, Trustee Brooks Allen, Deputy Policy Director & Assistant Legal Counsel Elisa Wynne, Project Manager, Local Control Funding Formula

District Board of Education Members Frank Biehl, Trustee, East Side Union High School District Magdalena Carrasco, Trustee, East Side Union High School District Christopher De La Cerda, Trustee, Fresno Unified School District Cal Johnson, Trustee, Fresno Unified School District Carol Mills, J.D., Trustee, Fresno Unified School District Janet Ryan, Trustee, Fresno Unified School District Megan Kerr, Trustee, Long Beach Unified School District James Harris, Trustee, Oakland Unified School District David Kakishiba, Trustee, Oakland Unified School District

District Superintendents Chris Funk, Superintendent, East Side Union High School District Michael Hanson, Superintendent, Fresno Unified School District Chris Steinhauser, Superintendent, Long Beach Unified School District Gary Yee, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District

District Staff Ruth Quinto, Deputy Superintendent and CFO, Fresno Unified School District Robert Tagorda, Director of Equity, Access, and College and Career Readiness, Long Beach Unified School District Raquel Jimenez, Family and Community Engagement Specialist , Oakland Unified School District

Local Principals Matin Abdel-Qawi, Principal, Oakland High School Vito Chiala, Principal, Overfelt High School