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The Student Voice Campaign 2015

We’ve won our right to Student Voice in California’s new funding formula for public education! Download the Student Voice Campaign’s Know Your Rights Poster.
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All Students should be HEARD, VALUED, and REFLECTED in the decisions that directly impact them.



Californians for Justice believes that in order to achieve the transformative change we want to see in our schools, and communities we must create systematic change that transforms POLICIES, PERCEPTIONS, and PRACTICES, so that the voices of low-income, immigrant, LGBTIQ students and students of color are HEARD, VALUED, and REFLECTED in the decisions that directly impact their lives.

What are we working on now?

Achieving transformative change through Policies, Perceptions, and Practices. 









Students in Action

CFJ students in Long Beach, Fresno, San Jose and Oakland have collected 2000 student surveys.

Students continue to engage allies, students, parents, teachers, and educational leaders in conversations to identify new ideas and proven solutions to improve our schools. These conversations will help inform our local and statewide efforts and help us identify the best policy to champion in the Summer of 2015! 


The LCFF Evaluation Rubric  

The LCFF Evaluation Rubric is underway. CFJ will continue to play a critical role in ensuring that the final rubric achieves the vision of the Local Control Funding Formula: equity- an education system that provides all students, especially the 4.2 million low-income students in California have access to Education resources and opportunities to thrive in the 21st century.


Prop 47

Prop 47 was a historical win for communities of color in California. As promised, 25 percent of the funds gathered from the prop will be distributed to districts. CFJ student leaders will play an active role at the state level in shaping the rules on what, and how districts will spend the funds. CFJ leaders will make sure that the money goes to programs and services that support students staying in school.




Flipping the Frame is about Shifting Perceptions. Shifting the perceptions of adult decision-makers in education to see students of color as leaders of their schools, and communities. 

Youth & Adults across the state are Flipping the Frame. You can too: here’s instructions and a Flyer




Just Released: Our LCFF Student Voice & Engagement toolkit! Check it out.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates! For more info about our Policies, Perceptions, and Practices work, contact Saa’un at saaun@caljustice.org














Californians for Justice is flipping the frame by collecting hundreds of selfies across California. #FliptheFrame challenges the stereotyped narratives that exist and thrive in the our schools and communities. 

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CFJ believes that in order to achieve the transformative change that we want to see in our schools and communities, we must create a culture where all youth are seen and expected to be valuable contributors to their education, and communities.


1. OPPORTUNITY: All students should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their race, gender, and socio-economic status.

2. FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION: all students should free from being placed within the stereotyped narratives that exist within our media, schools and communities.

3. PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY: We believe that we all share responsibility as students, teachers, administrators, and decision makers to shift the negative perceptions and attitudes of underserved students and students of color.

4. SELF-WORTH: Every student regardless of background, race, gender, citizenship and economic status should feel valued, and perceived as valuable members of their schools & communities.


You can participate in #FliptheFrame by:

  • Posting, tweeting and/or submitting a #FliptheFrame selfie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or send to info@caljustice.org
  • Encouraging others to participate by sharing #FliptheFrame Selfies on their social networks
  • JOINING US in our #FlippingtheFrame Twitter Conversation on March 12th at 3:33PM where we’ll discuss why flipping the frame of our stories is important transforming our schools, and communities!
  • Following us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates!


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For more info contact Saa’un at saaun@caljustice.org.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates!