In 1996, when most thought it was impossible to mobilize communities of color to vote, Californians for Justice mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters of color to vote for the first time. Since then, CFJ has become a powerful statewide force organizing hundreds of young people, parents, and community members to transform education and advance racial justice through ballot initiatives and propositions.

At Californians for Justice, we believe that young people are the leaders we need to create the healthy, just and vibrant schools all of our communities deserve. Many of our youth leaders and volunteers are too young to vote, but not too young too care about their communities, schools, and the impact elections have on their lives. That is why Californians for Justice youth leaders are committed to get out the vote to thousands of young voters of color.

“Even though I am not allowed to vote in elections because of my age, getting out the vote is the most important thing I can do to raise my voice as a young person of color. Getting out the vote is bigger than anyone can imagine. The more we get out the vote, the more we are heard and seen. Youth of color may not realize that their voices and votes really do matter.”

– Yaritza Garcia, CFJ Youth Leader

What we are currently working on?

Californians for Justice has registered over 1,000 young people to vote as we gear up for a big election year in California.

Californians for Justice Youth Leaders are leading candidate forums and voting drives to engage 8,000 young voters to cast their votes in local school board races, gubernatorial race, and on major propositions.

Check out Long Beach’s School Board Voter Guide 




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